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Moore, James Thomas (P2, C3, L32)

SGTJamesTMooreSergeant James T. Moore, Bardstown, Nelson County, Kentucky, of C Battery, 2nd Battalion, 138th Field Artillery was killed on 19 June 1969 at Firebase TOMAHAWK in Vietnam. The firebase was attacked during the early morning hours of 19 June 1969 in a pouring rain by North Vietnamese Army (NVA) soldiers. Sappers infiltrated the base and during the attack threw some 150 satchel charges into the bunkers in addition to firing rocket propelled grenades.

The battle went on some two hours before the NVA were forced to retreat. The attack destroyed an ammunition storage area, four of the six M-109 self-propelled howitzers, nine bunkers, the mess hall, dining tent, maintenance building, four ammunition carriers, three 2 -ton trucks, two -ton trucks, and three jeeps. The Battery had nine men killed; five of them were from Bardstown and the other four were non-Guard replacements from various, non-Kentucky locations. The unit also suffered 37 wounded. A platoon of infantrymen from the 101st Airborne Division was providing perimeter security for the firebase and four of the 101st soldiers were killed and another 13 wounded.

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